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Hi Brandon!

Thanks for your consistent support. Week 3 was indeed hell. But i couldn’t be more happier as I have made such big strides in such little time. It definitely felt good ripping a ball 10 foot line as a little 5’11 kid. So much more room to grow and I look forward to finishing up volleyvert and keeping you updated! Thanks again, hope you had a wonderful new year!

Harjiv S.

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Why VolleyVert?


Brandon here, I wanted to ask you a few questions real quick.

Are you playing volleyball at the highest levels? Do you think you'll play for that big school you've always dreamed about? What if you could separate yourself from everyone else athletically? If you could add 4,5,6, or even 10 inches to your vertical in just 8 weeks would you do it!? What would change for you if you could achieve that? What would be the best thing about that change? I want you to think about that while you read on...

VolleyVert Is The World's First Volleyball Specific Vertical Jump Program. VolleyVert Was Designed By Jump Specialist Brandon Talbot. A Former Pro Volleyball Player And World Class Sports Performance Coach. VolleyVert Is An 8 Week Intense Jump Program Specifically Designed To Increase Your Vertical So That You Can Jump Higher, Hit Harder, And Turn Some Heads.  Every Workout Comes With Video Instruction So You Don't Need To Be An Expert To Get The Most Out Of Your New Program. 

"What you have done for me already has been well worth the money. Happy to be on board. In the personal training arena this product is worth more than you charge."

Jimmy Miner


What comes with VolleyVert

  • 8 Weeks (32 days) of volleyball specific training sessions
  • Over 30 of the best volleyball vertical increasing exercises.
  • Detailed video instruction for every one of the special VolleyVert Exercises
  • The VolleyVert Tri-Phase Progress Chart.
  • MEMBERS ONLY area to access your content online or on your mobile device
  • FREE BONUS! Super Human Recovery
  • FREE BONUS! A private community group with unlimited access
  • FREE BONUS! - The Super Human Diet - the ultimate diet for athletes

How VolleyVert makes you better

  • You're going to reach a new level with your game!
  • No wasted time trying to figure out what works and what doesn't!
  • Have confidence that your performing the best exercise with the best technique
  • Easily track your progress and show off your stats
  • Your private information stays with you
  • Reduce the chance of injury, heal old injuries, and perform better than you ever have!
  • Ask all of your VolleyVert, diet and training questions and have them answered by Brandon himself!
  • The quickest proven method to lose body fat, increase mental focus, and improve aerobic capacity!

VolleyVert is the world's first volleyball specific vertical improvement program.  Here's how the program works:

VolleyVert is an 8 week program that increases an athlete's vertical by increasing their strength to weight ratio. Here is a very easy to understand example to help better explain what I mean by strength to weight ratio.

Let's say we have an athlete ...let's call him Timmy, and Timmy weighs 100 pounds. Now let's say Timmy can squat 100 pounds. This would make Timmy's strength to weight ratio a 1:1. Let's now imagine that Timmy after completing the VolleyVert Program, is now squatting 200 pounds. Timmy's new strength to weight ratio is 2:1. Timmy is moving his 100 pound body as if it were only 50 pounds! Moving only half of his body weight instantly makes Timmy more athletic... and way more cool. Yes yes I know...this is a very rudimentary explanation, but it makes it easier to understand. VolleyVert increases the athlete's strength to weight ratio making it easier for the athlete to move their own weight around. This "strength" in the physics community is known as force. VolleyVert also teaches the athlete how to produce this new increase in force much more quickly! The most powerful athletes produce high amounts of force very very quickly! in order for your muscles to fire the Central Nervous System (CNS) must first send them a signal to do so. This takes time. What if there was a better and faster way to produce this signal? There is! It's called a stretch reflex. A stretch reflex is just like it sounds. It is a reflex to a stretch placed upon the muscle. Because it's a reflex, it's fast! Here's a fun example to demonstrate what a stretch reflex is.

  1. Put your hand flat on a table with your fingers spread out
  2. Lift your index finger as high as it can go off the table
  3. Smash your finger into the table as fast as you can.
  4. Now, pull the index finger up with the other hand till it's really really stretched.
  5. Let that sucker go! What happened? It hit the table with way more force!

Combining exercises that increase the athlete's strength to weight ratio & exercises that use the stretch reflex to make the athletes muscles fire faster, VolleyVert can help an athlete jump much much higher, but it doesn't stop there. The athlete will be more explosive, faster, and less prone to injury! This means more court time and more recruiters noticing you. VolleyVert is easy and fun to do. VolleyVert uses high quality video instruction to make it as easy as possible to perform the special exercises with great form and technique. The athlete will also receive the Tri-Phase testing chart to easily track their progress. VolleyVert is 8 weeks long and is broken up into two 4 week blocks. The first three blocks progress in intensity, while the fourth week allows the athlete to completely recover. Each week contains 4 workouts. 2 workouts help increase strength to weight ratio, and 2 workouts to increase rate of force production. Best yet, every workout is written for you so there is no need to try and figure anything out. All you need is some drive and determination to dramatically increase the way you play the game.

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"Yes, next week will start my week three in training. Like you said, i feel great. I feel like i'm getting stronger! Even though my gym is frustrating with the amount of people in it and having to wait. Boring. But i'm loving the workouts"!

Kevin S.

Why is VolleyVert so successful?

What are some of the best volleyball athletes in the world saying about Brandon and VolleyVert?

“Brandon has been in charge of my programming, he is a genius when it comes to sports performance I never knew my body could feel so good. Between the great volleyball/vertical specific exercises, hip/glute mobility, super human diet and the recovery techniques found in super human recovery I'm jumping 10" higher already in the first 10 weeks of training with Brandon. I think every single volleyball athlete should have access to all this great information that will help you get stronger, become more athletic, jump higher, prevent injuries and create lots of good lifelong habits that will keep you healthy. ”

Christian Honer

“I’ve known Brandon for several years now and have been impressed with his level of knowledge. Brandon was the strength and conditioning coach for our men’s and women’s teams at Mater Dei High School. Every day he provided fun, safe and effective workouts that helped our team improve both physically and mentally. During those years we had an undefeated season and reached the CIF State Championship finals.”

Adam Cutrell - Top Level High School Head Coach

"I have played beach volleyball and trained in the weight room with Brandon. He is a superior athlete with serious work ethic. His work ethic, passion, and knowledge as a player and strength coach have set him apart. In my opinion it’s what gives him a huge advantage, because he’s seen high level sports from both perspectives."

Casey Patterson - FIVB Gold Medalist and Olympic Hopeful for 2016

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and competing against Brandon for many years. He is one of the most diligent and tireless students of his craft that I have ever come across. His enthusiasm for the concept of human performance is unparalleled. He truly is a high tide that raises all ships. Any athlete would be lucky to benefit from his positivity and expertise"

Rich Lambourne- Olympic Gold Medalist

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I made it through the first 4 weeks and then I had a 3 day camp immediately followed by a 2 day high school try out. Wow, so I made the team and my outside hitting is the best it's ever been due to VolleyVert. I'm a freshman who has been pulled up to the JV team so far. Thank you so much for this wonderful program!

Sincere thanks,
Upcoming Freshman

Carly S.

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I get remarks like these all the time when people see me jump.  I'm not going to lie...it's kinda fun:) Just like me you can Turn Some Heads and Have MORE FUN playing the sport you love. REMEMBER, I wasn't always a high flyer though, and even if you're currently stuck on the ground wah wah...you too can SKY with a little hard work and the right training principles. Imagine... What if 8 weeks from now you could be jumping 8,9,10 Inches higher; wouldn't you LOVE That!? You have nothing to lose! "Let's Drop Some Bombs...and SOME JAWS!" - Brandon T. Jump Specialist.
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