Hello Super Humans!

My name is Brandon Talbot and I created Super Human Performance.  I created Super Human Performance (SHP) for reasons outside just presenting athletes with a better platform for optimal sports performance.  I want SHP to represent the idea that everyone is capable of being their own “Superhuman”.  I truly believe that everyone one of us was born with the capability of impacting the world on positive level for generations to come.  However in this day and age so many negative people, news sources, and random things are bombarding us trying to tell us we simply aren’t “good enough” or that we “won’t amount to anything”.  I want SHP to be a beacon of hope and hopefully facilitate a nationwide change, especially among the youth.  Why should you listen to me though? What authority do I have on the matters of Super Human Sports Performance, and success and motivation?  Good Question.

I grew up playing a few sports soccer and baseball and I was decent at both but never had the physicality to make it past the high school level.  Speaking of high school my 4 years there was a little rough.  I was a skinny, un-athletic young man who didn’t have many friends.  I didn’t have many friends and had a few bullies. They would follow me around in between classes pushing me and making sure I didn’t think much of myself.  4 years of being told “you suck”, “you’re ugly and nobody will like you” left an indelible mark upon my psyche and it took a very long time before I was able to undo the damage but that’s a story for later.  I mentioned earlier I was skinny and un-athletic. Let me elaborate.  I was 6’ feet tall and about 170 lbs however I was close to 30% body fat.  During my senior year we had a physical test in which the only thing I can remember was that I was graciously awarded a ½ a pull-up. It was closer to a ¼ but the teacher showed pitty on me.  

Flash forward several years later.  I played beach volleyball for the first time for a friends party and for the first time I felt like I could be really good at a sport.  I was for some unknown reason naturally better at the sport then everyone else.  From there I was hooked.  Now in the town where I lived there was no volleyball other than the college women’s indoor team.  In order for me to play I pretty much had to do so by myself, and so that’s what I did.  Every night I would head to the park around 7 pm and I would bump, set, and serve by myself for 3-4 hours every night during the summer.  I improved my skills quite quickly and eventually ended up playing in an Open division tournament.  A beat down wouldn’t begin to describe my experience.  I found out quickly my current level of athleticism just wouldn’t cut it at that level.  I had the same body as I did in high school, the same eating habits and the same sub-par 17” vertical.  This moment I guess would be considered the catalyst in starting my athletic pursuits.  

Over the next ten years I trained hard, extremely hard, two-a-days for nearly a decade.  I knew I would have to outwork everyone due to my lack of size in a tall man’s sport. I learned as much as I could and throughout the years working many jobs in the sports performance field. I was fortunate enough to have some amazing trainers along the way that would have a permanent and positive influence on the way I trained for my sport and the way I trained other athletes for theirs.  During the 13 year span that I’ve been playing volleyball I’ve ran two Gold’s Gyms, started my own fitness company and bootcamp, was the director of volleyball for Athletic Republic of Orange County (the world’s largest sports performance company) and later became head trainer of that facility.  I was the head strength coach for the incredibly well established Mater Dei High School volleyball team (both men’s and women’s). I transferred to Park City where I was the Director of Athlete Performance for Athletic Republic’s Headquarters and then finally moved on to start Super Human Performance.  I was able to accomplish goals both in athletics and volleyball that NO ONE thought (and at times myself included) possible.  I made the All-American team for collegiate club volleyball, I played professional beach volleyball both in the NVL and AVP.  I made the Best of the Beach tournament for the NVL while the AVP was out of commission and it still is the coolest moment of my volleyball career.  I accomplished my lifelong career of having a 40” vertical! I did it at the ripe old age of 30.  And lastly I set a Guinness World Record for the highest standing jump on one leg with a height of 48”.  I should have had the two leg jump of 61” but didn’t get the award due to a technicality.  So when I say that all of you out there reading this thinking, wondering, hoping you can be amazing I KNOW YOU CAN!!! I was told that I would amount to nothing during high school, during college, during my professional career, but I KNEW I could do it.  I pushed myself and accomplished so much.  This is what I want to help each one of you Super Humans out there realize for themselves. I know I can help you be a better athlete, the kind of athlete you know you can be and I know I can give you support and advice to help you make the most of your day to day life.  

I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to help all of you and I hope we can create a lifelong partnership in improving any aspect of life you wish.  Please feel free to check out the site and know that VolleyVert the world’s first volleyball specific vertical jump program for teens is just the start of awesome things to come.



Brandon Talbot.

Founder of Super Human Performance.